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“I cannot recommend Cory enough. I lost 18 pounds working with Cory and I am now several pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and much closer to my goals. Most importantly, I have developed healthier habits that will empower me to make healthier and more balanced choices. I am looking forward to working with Cory again to help me manage weight gain during any future pregnancies. Also, before I started working with Cory, I had lots of unresolved GI issues. I am so glad that I invested in the GI-MAP test and Cory's accompanying treatment plan because it helped identify and resolve GI issues I had been struggling with on and off for years.”

Sonia name

“It's been absolutely amazing! I feel so relieved to finally see results and so quickly!  I wanted to sincerely thank Cory for her help and insight - I honestly haven't felt this good in over a year!”

Laurie name

“Cory is the best! She knows her stuff and is a delight to work with. She gave me insights and suggested dietary changes that helped me solve my issue and understand how to take better care of my body. I feel better and understand why.”

Neena name

“I had a bout with H. Pylori several years ago, and have been managing GERD for some time -- until it recently got the best of me. Ms. Levin set me up with the GI-MAP gut health test and spent over an hour with me explaining what each and every item tested meant. I had never taken a probiotic in my life, and was sure I would detest almond based yogurt, but guess what? Six months later I feel fantastic! Ms. Levin listened to my concerns and gave me the comprehensive analysis I needed that only a specialist in nutrition could give.  She put the science into layman's terms for me so I could understand what was happening with my body. I deeply appreciate her high level of knowledge, professionalism, compassion, and kindness. I highly recommend The Women's Dietitian!"

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 “This was something I did for me after being flooded with motherhood.  It’s hard when your spouse is traveling and baby is having trouble sleeping.  This forced me to be accountable and make healthy choices and routines for my own well being. The approach to my specific diagnosis and current postpartum status was exactly what I needed to reset my habits.”