Portrait of Cory Levin Registered Dietitian women’s nutrition expert


I’m Cory Levin, Registered Dietitian and women’s health expert.

I work specifically with women to help them better understand the powerful connection between the female body systems and optimal health.

My love of science and belief in food as preventative medicine led me to complete five years of rigorous academic study and earn a master’s in nutritional science. I currently sit on the Medical Advisory Board of CoFertility, a health organization dedicated to women’s reproductive success. I view the female body as a responsive and regenerative system that knows exactly what to do when given the proper support.

I am committed to evidence-based nutrition. It takes dedication and perseverance to create truly lasting change and solve issues at their roots.  

It all begins with individualized nutrition and informed eating habits alongside somebody who has been through it all, come out better on the other side, and who has since dedicated her practice to helping other women do the same.

Join me in thriving from the inside out.

- Cory