Corporate consulting services


Cory Levin is available for the following corporate consultation activities:

Nutrition Speaker & Presenter

  • Leads seminars on trends in nutrition and public health

  • Offers cooking classes and food preparation demonstrations

  • Serves as health, wellness, and nutrition expert at corporate health and fitness events

  • Facilitates “Lunch & Learns” that pair food and nutrition messages with a nutrient-rich and delicious meal

  • Develops and delivers nutrition programs, materials, and presentations for corporate wellness programs

  • Designs menus for corporate events and businesses

Strategic Communications

  • Develops educational content for health professionals, consumers, and members of the media using up-to-date evidence-based scientific information

  • Creates feature articles, package labeling, brochures, and other educational materials

  • Leverages health and food networks and influencers for social media campaigns

  • Represents approved brands, products, and industries on a variety of media platforms

Menu and Nutrient Analysis

  • Analyzes nutrient content of menus, recipes, and meal plans for restaurants, health-care facilities, schools, food companies, and other businesses