cooking classes

Need a creative and interactive idea for your next special event or just want to throw together a fun evening with friends?

Host a cooking class with me!

how it works

  1. Chat with me about the type of class you'd like to host. Together we'll decide on a flavorful and unique menu (don't worry— I'll provide plenty of creative recipe ideas) and go over any specific dietary needs or food preferences you or your attendees may have.

  2. I'll do the shopping and bring over all of the ingredients.'s party time.

  3. This is a participatory class, meaning you and your guests will learn how to create a delicious, nutritious homemade meal from scratch. Over the course of the evening, I'll offer insightful nutritional tidbits, kitchen hacks, and guidance on the best way to reuse leftovers and transform them into another meal. Don't stress about the clean up— I'm going to leave your kitchen sparkly clean.

What's a meal without wine?

Optional add-on: Add a wine pairing to enhance your cooking class and bring your experience to the next level.

Woman lights candles on dinner table before dinner party

SAmple dishes

  • Rainbow Korean Bibimbap Bowls

  • Gluten Free Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

  • Stone Fruit Fennel Salad with Kimchi Dressing

  • Bourbon Chocolate Pistachio Babka

  • Lavender Lemon Poppy Seed Morning Buns

  • Warm Winter Salad with Homemade Croutons and Poached Egg

  • Pad Thai Tofu Tacos with Creamy Peanut Sauce

  • Blood Orange and Radicchio Salad

  • Pumpkin & Sage Macaroni & Cheese

  • Chinese Rainbow Spring Rolls

  • Homemade Shrimp Dim Sum Dumplings

  • Southern Indian Yellow Curry

  • Eggplants stuffed with Creamy Coconut Lentils

  • Homemade Yeasted Everything Bagels

Pop open a bottle of bubbles and let’s throw a cooking party!

Bonus:  Everyone will take home one of my personalized, nutritional mini recipe booklets!

$60-$95 per person, depending on dish(es) chosen. Contact me to learn more.

Note: Available in the San Francisco, California Bay Area only. Travel available for an additional fee- contact me for more info.